Update: Our Online Photo Album

I’ve added photos from the Deming Log Show last weekend and some logging we did the weekend before that to our online photo album. For those of you who haven’t been there or haven’t been in a while, do stop by! We’ve got the following sections:

  • At Lawn, Ford Tractor: Loving portraits of our aging tractor, Art Lawn.
  • Blacksmithing: Matt and his smithy friends in the forge.
  • Winter 2008
  • Logging
  • State Trip Summer 2008: Matt and Amanda’s attempt to drive around the state. We made it halfway . . .
  • Buchart Gardens: Matt and Julya took Amanda on a surprise trip to Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC for her birthday. The trip was postponed a month to April in hopes of better weather — but it snowed the whole time anyway!
  • Honeymoon: Matt and Amanda’s honeymoon was their second trip to Ireland in September 2007.
  • Portraits: Portraits of friends and family.
  • Snow Day Spring 2008: Matt and Amanda got snowed in and spent the day on a snowy rampage throughout the neighborhood.
  • Sub Pop 20: Sub Pop 20: the 20th birthday celebration for the famed Seattle record label at Marymoor Park 07/12/08 and 07/13/08.
  • Shooting: Gravel pits beware! We have come to destroy your litter!
  • The Anchor: Various goings-on at what used to be our favorite Everett bar. (We can’t recommend it anymore, but it used to be top-notch).
  • Beth’s Cafe: Home of the 12 egg omelet and some very interesting art.
  • First Camping Trip of 2008: Our first hike-in hike-out camping trip of the year, about 4 miles out the logging road near our house.
  • Silver Smelter: On mother’s day we went to Matt’s mom’s house to visit and ended up halfway up a nearby mountain. It’s a long story, but while we were there we found this interesting structure that Aaron says is very likely a silver smelter. Now I’m glad we weren’t there much longer — there’s probably a lot of mercury in the soil!

Go check them out! There’s new stuff all the time. Soon there will be an album devoted to pictures of my 1-1/2″ long toy tractor in the various places I take him (travelling gnome-style).

— Amanda

NOTE (06/21/10): Our online photo album has moved to http://loveapples.shutterfly.com/.


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