July Task: Homemade Dishwasher "Detergent"

What, the July task already? Yes! June was pretty productive (if hectic) and I have completed tasks enough to see me through postings for August — maybe even September!

I can’t give any one original source for this recipe because it’s all over the Internet. You simply mix equal parts of baking soda and borax (1 tablespoon of each if you’re just doing one load). I gave it a try last night and even filled the “rinse aid” compartment with plain white vinegar at the suggestion of several websites. The dishes look just as good as ever!

Until now I had been buying dishwasher detergent in bulk from natural foods co-ops, but it was still costing me $1.39 a pound and there was no labelling to let me know what’s in it. Now it’s pennies a load and I know just what’s in it, and therefore, what’s going into the septic tank.

— Amanda

NOTE (08/03/10): We have switched back to biodegradable, phosphate-free purchased dishwasher detergent for the time being.  This recipe works great in a pinch and gets the dishes clean, but it does leave a film over time.  When I find another recipe that doesn’t do this I will repost.

NOTE (12/27/10): Got a new recipe!  Read about it here.


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