Homemade Dishwasher Detergent, Take 2

I was reminded by a conversation at a recent holiday party to post a link to the recipe for the homemade dishwasher detergent I use.  (Thanks, Alex!)  This is the second recipe I have tried.  The first one, chronicled here, was effective but not quite exemplary.  It’ll do in a pinch, but after using a batch I did notice a film starting to develop on the glassware.  What I use now, which can be found here, is not much more complicated and works like a charm.  If you neglect to use the vinegar rinse aid or it runs out you can get some minor spotting, but with the vinegar you’d never know you weren’t using the stuff from the stinky aisle of the supermarket.  For the first batch, I used ten packets of lemonade-flavored Kool-Aid in place of the citric acid, because we weren’t going anywhere near the homebrew store in the foreseeable future.  This batch was effective and smelled lovely, but it clumped up hard as a rock and I had to chip off chunks with a steak knife every time I wanted to use it.  For the second batch, Matt let me rob some of his acid blend from the brewing supply stash.  This batch has remained pretty friable.

— Amanda


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