Perhaps Tomatoes Are Not My Forte

Here’s my very best from-seed tomato start alongside the very smallest one of the same variety I got at the garden center.  (You can say it – it’s pathetic.)  The nursery had a good selection of heirlooms at very nice prices so I was able to replace my nearly useless seedlings with robust starts of (almost) the same variety.  (They had ‘Stupice’, but not ‘Saucy’ so I got ‘Amish Paste’ for those.)  I didn’t bring my garden map to the nursery and I accidentally reversed my quantities: instead of getting two slicers and five sauce tomatoes I got two sauce tomatoes and five slicers.  After a good forehead-smack I announced, “Whatever.  Any tomato is a sauce tomato if you boil it long enough.”
I will try again next year (with seed saved from the nursery starts) and do a lot of little things differently.
– Amanda

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