Life Hacking on the Homestead

I was working on a post this morning that really got away from me. (It was at 4 pages in size 12 font, last I checked.) So I’m splitting it up into a host of posts. Here’s the intro to the series:
I should have thought of this post sooner and put it up as a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing. I didn’t think of that, though, because I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution in years. (And I there was just one. And it was blog-related. And it kind of fizzled.) I have found that choosing an arbitrary time to begin enforcing all sorts of new rules and behaviors just doesn’t work for me. Like they say, you have to want it. I resolve to do something when I have the resolve to do so.
I’ve accomplished (or at least gotten underway with) some self-improvements big and small recently (and mostly for free or wicked cheap) DIY style.  I’ll give you the scoop on them in this series.
What has this got to do with self sufficiency? Well, it’s not all back-to-the-land stuff on the homestead. Self sufficiency is all about producing what you need and want for yourself, and while the basics of survival are obviously the most important, there’s no reason that you can’t devote some time to learning how to make your own body wax (or knitting or sewing or speaking French or playing the bassoon . . .) after you’ve hoed the veggies, slopped the hogs, butchered 10 chickens, processed soap, and woven a new wardrobe. It’s another product you don’t have to buy, and cheapskating is essential to self sufficiency.
At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. I’m a pretty good rationalizer.
– Amanda

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