Pop Korn how too

This hear is one of those overlooked skills that people take for granted…
Most times today ya either toss a bag in the MICROWAVE (yuck) or you guessed it they sell it already popped at the store, what a waste of money. Those of you who have the old air pop makers well you suck so there…
So here is the how to on making killer popcorn at home for dirt cheap. 
Standard-issue popping corn.
Get your self some regular popping corn (bottom shelf next to the macro wave “stuff”) you might be surprised at the price difference. 
2 quart saucepan.
Grab your favorite sauce pan you know the 2 qt thing you’ve been packing around since you moved out of moms house.
A glass lid lets you watch science in action.
Make gods damned sure you got a lid that fits it. 
Canola oil.
Now add approximately 1 teaspoon cooking oil (Olive soy corn canola whatever) . . .
. . . turn the heat up to medium high. 
Add 1-5 or 30 table spoons BUTTER (the real thing and definitely no Margarine) Try bacon fat let me know (eye is scareded)… 
Just enough popping corn to cover the bottom of the saucepan.
. . . whilst it is heating up poor in enough popping corn to just cover the bottom of the pan too much and it overflows pushes the lid off and presto instant mess! Too little and well you can’t eat just one. 
Go ahead.  Stare.
PUT THE LID ON NOW!!! Now wait once it starts popping give the pan a good shake to settle everything down and let the unpopped kernals settle to the bottom repeat regularly until done. 
After a few minutes the popping will slow down and nearly stop.
Immediately poor finished popcorn into waiting bowl. Add too much salt, pop in your favorite movie and enjoy.
A few of my more common screw ups are, lots of unpopped kernals from not shaking enough (there will allways be a few…), Burning this is mostly from trying to hard to get more to pop all that really happens is the popped stuff is stuck next too some really hot surface if left too long it can and will catch on fire yay! To much oil makes the bottom stuff kinda soggy, Taking the lid off to see whats happening inside while it can be fun (Allways reminds me of a baby sitter I had growing up…) it is very messy, I stole one of Amanda’s glass lids that fit my pan for this purpose, now I can stare into the bubbling mass of butter and wait for the first real good pop to startle me! To Much popping corn and some won’t get enough contact with the heat to pop and it becomes a waste. To shallow of a pan can make a big damned mess too… enjoy  
— Matt

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