Conditioning myself to love vinegar

For about a month now I have been using a vinegar rinse instead of commercial conditioner.  Using the ratio recommended on the lovely blog SimpleUp* (1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to one cup of water) I pour it over my hair after I’ve rinsed and/or washed (shocker: I don’t wash my hair every day) and that’s that.  I pour it on, smooth it through, and move on.  No rinsing, no nothing.  The smell disappears as my hair dries and when it’s dry you can’t tell that I didn’t spend ten minutes fiddling with expensive creams and whatnot. 

— Amanda

01/02/14 NOTE: This blog was also known as Down With Clutter.  It was one of my favorites but it is now closed to nonmembers.


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