Getting on the homebrew bandwagon

Seems like everyone I know is a homebrewer.  My little brother and our friend Adam both make beer and Matt has been making mead since long before I met him.

I tried my hand at root beer once, using a recipe that had about as much alcohol as near beer (you know that non-alcoholic beer is not actually non-alcoholic, right?) in order to carbonate it inside the bottle.  Despite my 100% success record in canning (which also involves a lot of sanitation) I failed at root beer due to a contamination.  (Don’t drink root beer with pink fizz.  Trust me.)

So this time I asked for Matt’s supervision (and one of his airlocks) so that I could give blackberry wine a stab.  So far so good.  We pitched the yeast yesterday and the picture above shows you the mess we woke up to.  The yeast went mad overnight!  The pantry curtains are still soaking in the back bathroom sink (just a faint tinge of purple at the hem now) and the carboy is sitting next to me burbling, spitting up, and farting away like a happy baby.  I’m only making a gallon (because if it goes bad I will resent the hour I spent picking 4 pounds of blackberries and if five gallons went off I’d be five times as pissy) but I will also be brewing up an experimental gallon of “pea pod burgundy”: the infamous homebrew of Tom and Barbara Good that always knocked their guests back on their well-heeled heels.  I’m hoping mine is a smoother, tamer, more drinkable brew.

If this stuff tastes OK I will share the recipe.  (Be patient!  I have to.)

— Amanda


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