Bathtub full of peeps (again)

The redheads are the Rhode Island Reds and the brunettes are the Barred Rocks.  I love telling people that I went out early to pick up chicks. 

We were surprised to find that there were chicks for sale at the feed store when we swung in yesterday.  They don’t usually arrive until April.  But we’d already agreed that I was going to get two more layers this year (and maybe some meaty birds, too) so this morning I ran back into town armed with my el cheapo cat carrier and whisked off two Rhode Island Reds for us and four Barred Rocks for some friends.  Now that I have all the equipment on hand and a spare bathroom at my disposal, the business of chick rearing is downright fun!

Our existing chickens are good layers.  We get an egg out of each almost every day, which is just about perfect for our needs.  But we wanted to have some extras so that we could give them to friends and family, use a dozen as a hostess gift when we go to dinners, or maybe just sell or trade them at the mocha stand for our caffeine fix.

The other four chicks I am raising for some friends.  They need some time to get their coop together and I have the setup and experience to get the little peepers ready to lay.  Also, this saves them having to keep their kids from squeezing the dickens out of the admittedly adorable baby birds. There’s almost no difference cost or time wise between raising two or six of these critters so it works out quite well.

— Amanda


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