Coffeemaker hotplate renewal

The kitchen floor is almost (but not quite) done thanks to a quick lunch break that turned into hours of vehicle trouble.  Should be done today, though.

In the meantime, I present this largely photographic tutorial on how to fix the burned-off coating on the hotplate of your old coffeemaker:

Here’s our old, one-button coffeemaker.
And here’s the hotplate.
And here’s some high heat spray paint Matt left laying around.
Let’s take this outside, shall we?
Half a dozen very light coats later: voilà!

 Now that I’ve done this I would make two recommendations to anyone else who wants to try:

  1. Use the gloss paint so that your carafe glides, rather than catching on the matte surface.
  2. Wait 48, rather than 24 hours, before using the coffeemaker again.  I burned a few little holes in my new surface where the paint was not quite dry and it bubbled.

All in all, though, a vast improvement!  Mr. Coffee does a lot less hissing now.

— Amanda


10 thoughts on “Coffeemaker hotplate renewal

  1. I had looked into spray-on non-stick coating, since I think that's what it was originally coated with but that stuff is expensive and really hard to find. This stuff can handle the heat and I literally had it laying around!


  2. This is really good to know. I cannot stand a scratched up hot plate, and would rather buy another coffee maker than have to look at or deal w/ the scratches. This will save me some money, happily so! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂


    1. The first time I used it a little paint came off but I think that it was due to my being impatient and not letting the paint dry completely. That was the only time the recoating paint gave me trouble, though. The rest of the paint stayed put until the heating element gave out and we finally got a new coffeemaker.


  3. Did you sand all the rust off the hot plate before painting? On mine the paint is flaking off and there is a fair amount of rust exposed. I suspect that there is rust under the remaining paint and that I should scrape and sand all of it before painting.


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