Chili and cinnamon rolls down below

It snowed overnight.  About three inches.  The roads are icy now but the yards are starting to get slushy.  I’m sure it will all be gone tomorrow.

Karl in his natural habitat.
A Boll Weevil kitty print in the driveway. 

In the meantime, despite the total lack of danger, we have instituted all emergency measures: we went to breakfast in the “new” old 4×4 truck, Bruce (pretending that we didn’t have power), we took stock of the liquor cabinet, we have both popcorn and ice cream on hand, we have a roaring fire going, and we’re having one of Matt’s odder childhood favorite menus for dinner.

Canned chili because Matt finds my beloved Beef, Black Bean, and Chorizo Chili “too sweet”.  The cinnamon rolls are homemade, though, with my favorite potato bread recipe of all time ever and cream cheese frosting from “The Plaid Book” (the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book).

Chili and cinnamon rolls.  This was one of the signature dishes of the lunch lady up in Darrington, where Matt spent the latter half of his childhood.  She was either brilliant or mad.  Either way, the kids loved her food.  She is why Matt had a natural love of tater tot casserole and I, having grown up in the vast valley area referred to in Darrington as “down below,” had a natural distrust of it.  My school district did not have such dedicated lunch ladies.

I have clarified that they did not, as I feared, actually serve the chili over the cinnamon rolls chili-dog style, but that they used the cinnamon rolls “you know, like rolls” to scoop up the chili like biscuits after stew.

Still sounds sacrilegious to me.

(I’m looking forward to eating it nonetheless.)

— Amanda


2 thoughts on “Chili and cinnamon rolls down below

  1. So jealous you have Nalley chilli – the commissary here doesn't stock it. We're stuck with Hormel which is just NOT as good. At least we get Tree Top, so we're not stuck with inferior apple juice too. 🙂

    The snow sounds fun! Thankfully the flooding here hasn't affected us too much although our area is flooding a bit.


  2. If you knew what the aftermath of this dinner was your nostalgia would evaporate. Ugh, and you'd have it, (wait . . . lemme count . . .) 4 times as bad as me? ::shudder::

    So glad to hear that the effects of this lovely weather pattern are missing you! The reports of inland flooding in Ireland and the UK are downright startling. Some of the places we went on our honeymoon are completely submerged.


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