Growing celery from . . . celery

We use a lot of celery.  I use the leafy bits in stock and the stems in a fine dice in some of my favorite dishes, like Coq à la Bière and osso buco.  We also like in on our salads.  But we don’t often need large pieces, which makes this method of growing “free” celery in the kitchen window great for us, because it apparently doesn’t yield the thick, robust stems outdoor celery does — the kind that lend themselves to slathering in peanut butter.  I think, though, that this plant will eventually put out growth that we could harvest for crudités.

I got this idea from Pinterest.  Specifically, from this post on 17 Apart.

Here’s my celery “butt” after a week or two in plain water in the kitchen window:

And here it is planted in compost in a “new” pot from the thrift store:

Come summer I might move it outside.

— Amanda


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