The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2014

This year’s hunt was a record breaker in two categories: 1) Shortest delay (at two hours, down from the usual four), and 2) shortest amount of time for all members of party to find, cut down, and secure tree in truck (at an incredible 1/2 hour, usually also at four).  Notably, our party was the second smallest it has ever been (7 members.  The highest was 12 the lowest was 5.).  Also worth mentioning: no one got hurt, no trucks broke down, I did not cry or barf, and we were not only off the mountain before dark we were home before dark.

While I feel a definite sense of triumph the rest of the party — the family I married into — feels a vague sense of disappointment at having seen neither blood nor transmission fluid in the snow and at having had no need to bust out the high-lift jacks and tow chains.

But we can all agree we had great weather for it.

Our winter truck, Bruce McCulloch, with my second choice tree in the back.

The in-laws and their trees and trucks in front of an impressive winter landscape.

A less-traveled side-road.

Looking back over our shoulder on the way down Segelson.

Some of the more impressive icicles on the sunny side of the road.

— Amanda


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