teal hair 1 wmTheodore Roosevelt, in his autobiography, quoted Squire Bill Widener, of Widener’s Valley, Virginia, who said: “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.” I have adopted this as my own personal motto.

I’m making the most of it in my little house on my little plot with considerable help from family and friends, and sharing the ups and downs here.

I like to make useful things pretty and pretty things useful. I garden for the eye and the stomach. I am forever tidying and organizing life’s inevitable chaos. I like to sew and cook and read and write and learn – and to share what I’ve learned.

SterlingFINK began as LoveApples, a blog to keep in touch with far-flung friends and family, and to expound on my interest in homesteading. Over the years it has evolved with with my changing interests and now I write about frugality, home improvement, thrift store style, minimalism, self-improvement, and other topics that interest me, while still covering gardening, reading, and cooking, with great enthusiasm.

This is my personal blog but I take it very seriously. I believe anything worth doing is worth doing well.


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